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Finding teaching jobs abroad has never been easier! World-Teachers is an international teacher recruitment for schools and learning centres all over the world. We help teachers to find teaching jobs, and clients to find teachers. World-Teachers provides comprehensive placement services and support to all candidates on their journey abroad.

We also offer Legalisation, Notary and Authentication Services. More info..

We know that finding a reliable job overseas can be difficult and risky. That’s why we build strong relationships with all of our trusted partners. It’s also why our services are completely free for all teachers.

The steps towards a journey of a lifetime are simple. Just fill in your information and we’ll contact you, and then you’ll be on your way to a well-paid, secure job overseas!



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Client Testimonial

Nelly gave me an opportunity I never thought will ever be possible. Not only did he place me in such a well developed school with understanding bosses but he also went all out to ensure I knew exactly what was going on and promptly answered every question and cleared all misunderstandings.

He was not just an agent but he became more of a friend, helper, supporter and pillar right until the very end. He worked extremely efficiently with all of my documents and ensured my originals were kept safe; he kept me posted all the time.

There were days I was really out of it, due to it being my first time traveling there were some procedures I never understood but Nelly had so much of patience with me and he explained it all so well every time. I am ever so grateful to Nelly (World Teachers) for this experience of a lifetime. I highly recommend this agency, it is truly the most helpful you will come across.

Thank you Nelly.
May you be blessed in all your endeavors to come.
Marleena John

I would like to give a great review to World Teachers and Nelly. A few weeks ago, I contacted Nelly to please help me with my TEFL certificate, after the wonderful service i received- I contacted him to do all my document authentications that I needed to be done. Throughout the whole process Nelly was so helpful to any questions I had (which were many!). He went out of his way to message me to keep me updated through the entire process.

I received my documents in China in no time and I'm so grateful to World Teachers for their awesome job!

I highly recommend World Teachers to anyone who needs help with documents!

Kaylyn Thomas

Nelly from World-Teachers is the best agent anyone could use if they would like to teach overseas in Asia.

He strives to place teachers with only the best schools and goes out of his way to help his clients even if it is a cost to him.

He has placed me in 2 schools so far in 2 different countries and got all of the documents and paperwork sorted out extremely fast.

I am more than satisfied with his services. He always goes the extra mile for his clients to ensure that they get only the best.
Yuven Rangasamy

World Teachers

Where do I even start?
It is not easy to relocate to another continent or country out of one's comfort zone; let's not even mention finding the right job. It's a long process, a lot of paperwork, endless interviews and embassy visits. It's frustrating and time consuming.

In my case, I did not experience the above mentioned events. Why not? Answer: World Teachers. Check them out on Social Media Platforms! This agency makes it very easy for one to find a job and relocate. Furthermore, I spoke with Nelly (founder of World Teachers), I told him I need a teaching job in China. He said it's okay, you have a job, just follow my lead and instructions. We spoke of all requirements and what exactly would make me an eligible candidate. I gave him and told him all about myself and those requirements. After two days of being in touch, I had an interview from the boss of Wenhe Schools in China. They offered me a job and contract a day after the interview. I was a happy man. The rest is history. . .

All I did was follow the instructions Nelly gave me. I met all requirements and worked hard on my side to accomplish this desired move.

Today I'm very happy at and with my workplace, salary, accommodation, location and the list goes on. PS: I DID NOT PAY ANYONE A CENT FROM MY POCKET; my qualifications and documents paid for all this luxury I'm living today.

I've experienced quality and excellent customer service from Nelly and his team; I also give massive credit to Wenhe Foreign Teachers Recruitment Agency in Hangzhou - they are nothing compared, out of this world!

Do you really want to teach abroad, not just in China but other countries? Get in contact with World Teachers - Always delivers!

I thank all parties that were involved to make this goal a success. I appreciate everything, I'm grateful and humbled.

Rise young black child.
- Sego Innocent Mokgothu

Nelly and Kea have been the most diligent, hard working, and professional recruiters that I’ve met to date.
John Lee Testimonial (Johannesburg South Africa)
Chongqing Hongyadong

World Teachers helped me through the visa process and found me a great school. They talked me through everything in detail and my recruiter was very helpful.
Annemie (Cape Town South Africa)